How’s the new office working out?

I’ve been asked about my new home-based private practice office in Kelowna quite a lot lately, so here’s an update! The interior of the office is 100% up and running – see photos below. I am really liking this little space, and being able to have all of my books and resources and handouts in one location is a huge bonus after working in so many different offices and communities recently. It’s cozy and friendly here, and it’s been a lot of fun to set it up. We have tea, coffee, and hot cocoa – and my youth clients are very much enjoying the sensory toys and the (seemingly) bottomless dish of Jolly Ranchers! Adult tip: we have Werther’s Originals too.

The American psychiatrist Irvin Yalom lent a bit of inspiration to the establishment of this space, in his writings about his own cottage office at the end of a garden path. In particular, he wrote about how client reactions to his location created a “here and now” opportunity to explore how folks relate to the world around them, and how this affects their relationships. Similarly, I am immensely enjoying seeing how people are responding to my new office, and so far I have received quite a range of reactions – everything from “this is so lovely and fun, I feel right at home” to the hilarious “is this building a shed??” Actually, this little building has been used for storage in the past, as well as being used as a guest house. For those looking for more of a standard “professional office” clinical appointment experience or who don’t enjoy cozy spaces – this won’t be the right fit. But I’ve found that many folks are finding comfort in my little office, and they are the ones I’m here to help.

As the yard thaws (hurry up already, Spring!!!) we are starting to work on improvements to the entrance pathway – including new pavers, flower pots, signage, and lighting. Stay tuned for exterior photos later this spring, but for now – here’s the interior!