More Images from the Tiny House Office!

My “tiny house” office was inspired through my love of tiny houses, as well as several mentors who have cozy home-based therapy spaces.

Having this office on my own property meant that I wasn’t starting my business with a big office rental expense, and the low overhead costs have allowed me to offer sliding scale services to people who have low income and disabilities. This was something that mattered a great deal to me, because of my own history dealing with chronic health issues. I am committed to accessible services, and sometimes I can even visit clients in their own homes or in the hospital.

A few clients have told me that they really appreciate the privacy and sense of comfort that this office brings to their counselling journey. And actually, this space measures at roughly the same size as the other offices I have used for counselling in agencies.

Now that I’ve been working in this space for a few months, I’m finding it really comfortable and enjoyable. I love being able to work from home on the days that I’m working in my business, especially since my “other” job requires me to drive a lot. I can take my coffee breaks in my own garden and that means a lot to me.

Here are some recent photos from Spring 2019.

Front entrance waiting area – flowers are just starting to bloom!
The main entrance. People are still debating whether it’s blue or purple. I say it’s both!
One of my favourite things about this office is being able to settle in for a conversation and a cup of tea or cocoa with my clients. The new water crock is providing cool, filtered water and it’s working great in this space! For being a “tiny” office, I have a lot of storage space.
Theodore likes it when people give him hugs. He’s been my therapy bear for more than 15 years. He’s very good at his job.
I sacrificed a little floor space to have comfy chairs, and I have no regrets.